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Paediatric Urine Collection Bag

₹30 ₹33

For short term urine collection Suitable for both male and female infants Capacity : 100ml Provided with special adhesive for better grip and easy removal from soft skin of the infants..


Romson Romo 10 Urine Collection Bag

₹195 ₹499

Romo 10 Urine Collection Bagurine collection bag for Foley's the catheter as well as urostomy bagsEasy to connectSterilized ready to usecapacity 200mlRomo 10 Urine Collection Bag ..


Romsons Colostomy Kit GS-4012


Romsons Colostomy Kit GS-4012The Romsons Colostomy kit gives perfect relief and comfort during prolonged use. it is light weight, flexible and the belting arrangement fits the body well. 15mm 'u' form padding is provided between the sleeve and main body for better comfort.Package contains one pc of colostomy kit with 100 pcs spare pol..


Romsons Dispo Guard 3 Ply Face Mask - Pack of 50

₹300 ₹800

99% Bacteria FiltrationNon Woven Ear loopsAdjustable Nose BridgeHypoallergenic Fabric..


Romsons Respirometer SH-6082 Breathing Exerciser

₹489 ₹773

Romsons Respirometer SH-6082 Breathing ExerciserDescription:Let your lungs do healthy and efficient exercising with Romsons Respirometer SH-6082. It has a tri-ball setup that enables patients to perform breathing exercises on a step-up basis. Its light design is easy to handle and comes with a transparent body so you can keep checking your respirat..


Romsons Urocare Leg Bag set with non return valve DB-1060L Urine Collecting bag, Capacity - 800 ml (Pack of 10)


Romsons Urocare Leg Bag set with non return valve DB-1060LAvailable with "T" type bottom outletNon-return valve to prevent the backflow of urinePrinted with easy to read scaleSuitable for day & night use for incontinenceThe bag is sterile and individually packed..

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