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Medicpro Stoma Bath Apron

₹269 ₹325

Stoma Bath Apron CoverStoma Bath Apron Cover prevents the wetting of bags while bathing. You can normally start bathing or showering 2-3 days after your operation, but your Stoma Care Nurse will give you more specific adviceYou can bath and shower as normal with your stoma and, unless you have been specifically advised otherwise, you can do so with..


Ostomy Scissors

₹249 ₹390

Ostomy scissors Ostomy Scissor with curved blades for circular cuttingdesigned to facilitate the circular cuts made when cutting your ostomy baseplate to your stoma size, for a snug fit.Small teeth on upper blade to avoid slipping from the base plate to ensure a smooth cut lineRounded lower blade to avoid damage to Pouch while cutting..


Romsons Colostomy Kit GS-4012


Romsons Colostomy Kit GS-4012The Romsons Colostomy kit gives perfect relief and comfort during prolonged use. it is light weight, flexible and the belting arrangement fits the body well. 15mm 'u' form padding is provided between the sleeve and main body for better comfort.Package contains one pc of colostomy kit with 100 pcs spare pol..


Romsons Urocare Leg Bag set with non return valve DB-1060L Urine Collecting bag, Capacity - 800 ml (Pack of 10)


Romsons Urocare Leg Bag set with non return valve DB-1060LAvailable with "T" type bottom outletNon-return valve to prevent the backflow of urinePrinted with easy to read scaleSuitable for day & night use for incontinenceThe bag is sterile and individually packed..

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