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In a one-piece ostomy system, the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are joined together permanently. The pouch collects stool or urine while the skin barrier is placed around the stoma to protect the skin and hold the bag securely. This type is simple to use and easy to apply and remove. A one-piece system also affords great flexibility for ease of movement. We carry a huge variety of products in this category which are sure to meet all your needs. Our range includes one-piece ostomy systems from ConvaTecHollisterProwess, BAO Healthcare, and many other well-known manufacturers.

Benefits of One-Piece Ostomy System

Many users prefer to use a one-piece ostomy system. Certain benefits are:

  • Easier to use and more flexible 

  • Faster application 

  • Less visible under clothing hence discreet and lower profile 

  • Adherence to the skin is tighter 

  • Feels more secure with no risk of the bag coming unattached from the wafer 

  • Costs less than a two-piece ostomy system

Which One-Piece Ostomy Bag to buy?

One-piece ostomy systems are available in different types and styles. Choosing your ostomy supplies will depend on several factors such as the frequency of output, stoma type, skin type, budget, lifestyle, etc. The correct choice will ensure complete and good care of your ostomy. However, making a choice from the multiple options available is not easy. It is important to understand the different features and options on offer.

Features of One-Piece Ostomy System

A one-piece ostomy system comprises an ostomy bag and adhesive base plate as one inseparable item. The base plate is attached to the skin around the stoma. This base plate is known by several names such as flange, wafer, or skin barrier. Choosing the right type of a one-piece ostomy system may be tricky but can be made easy if all its features are clearly understood to help make the right selection.

  • Pre-CutPre-Cut Ostomy Pouch has a hole already cut to fit around the stoma. The Active Life is a pre-cut system from ConvaTec with a convex, Durahesive skin barrier, and a transparent urostomy pouch.
  • Cut-to-Fit: CUt-To-Fit Ostomy Bag requires cutting the hole in the wafer to fit around your unique stoma as per its size and shape. The Pouchkins cut-to-fit from Hollister is drainable and has a flat, standard wear skin barrier. 
  • Moldable: The Moldable ostomy System has a skin barrier designed to mold around whatever may be the shape of your stoma and provide a perfect fit over it thus minimizing the risk of leakage.
  • Convex: The convex ostomy system has its barrier shaped to protrude outwards in the center thereby allowing the bag to fit well over a stoma that is irregular in shape.
  • Flat/Non-Convex: The skin barrier of a flat/non-convex ostomy system lies flat over the stoma.
  • Urinary Ostomy Bag: A one-piece system with a urinary ostomy bag is designed only for those who have had a urostomy. It has an outlet to drain out the content.
  • Drainable Ostomy Bag: A one-piece system with a drainable ostomy bag has one end secured with a clamp which can be opened to drain out the content once the bag is full.
  • Closed Ostomy Bag: A one-piece system with a Closed-End ostomy pouch is a disposable type that must be removed and thrown away once it is full. The ConvaTec Esteem Plus is an example of a system that has a closed-end pouch with a Stomahesive skin barrier and filter.
  • Standard Skin Barrier: A one-piece system with a standard skin barrier is more suitable for someone who has had a colostomy. The Coloplast Assura ColoKids is a pediatric one-piece ostomy system and a good example of a standard wear skin barrier which is cut-to-fit, flat, and with a transparent drainable pouch.
  • Extended Wear Skin Barrier: The extended wear skin barrier one-piece system has a pouch extension designed to best suit people with an ileostomy or urostomy providing greater protection from the output.
  • Extra Extended Wear Skin Barrier: A one-piece system with an extra extended wear skin barrier provides additional protection to the user from irritation caused by leakage of urine or feces.

However, when the pouch of a one-piece ostomy system is full and needs to be changed, then the entire unit has to be removed instead of just the pouch. Repeated removal and application may lead to skin irritation and maceration. It is also inconvenient for those with limited dexterity who find it difficult to apply and remove.

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