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LP #826 TAPE REMOVER SPRAY((packet of 220 gm Spray)

₹999 ₹1,045

Uses: It is primarily recommended for effortless, painless removal of tape and tacky tape/spray residue. Product Specifications and Features: It is fast acting and cleans with no mess Facilitates effortless, painless removal of tape Helps to remove tacky tape/spray residue Note: No Warranty Directions ..



₹590 ₹670

LP 752 WRIST/THUMB SUPPORT Product Feature;Thermal wrist support for tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and general wrist support. Provides maximum comfort, healing warmth and therapeutic support.IndicationThe product has an ergonomic design to support the thumb with the hole in the thumb positionConsists of wrap-around style which gives yo..


LP 827 ADHESIVE SPRAY LP Support (Packet of 220 gm Spray)

₹940 ₹1,045

LP 827 Adhesive Spray keeps tape, foam underwrap and elastic bandages from slipping, reduces friction and blistering. Fast drying and colorless Directions For Use: Use as per requirement or as directed by the physician. Safety Information: Read the label carefully before use Store in a cool dry place away from direct sun..



₹2,020 ₹2,820

Product FeatureThe elastic back orthosis in soft-sprung material. Designed with straps crossing at the back and fastened in front for better support and comfort. Four splints in the back for stabilization and to help prevent rolling.IndicationHIVD (Herniated intervertebral Disc)SpondylolisthesisMuscle strain/ sprainLow back painSpondylosisWashing I..


LP Ankle Support (Ref 728) (WITH STRAP) (L)

₹1,039 ₹1,235

LP 728 ANKLE SUPPORT (WITH STRAP)(L)Unique 2 inch removable surgical elastic strap allows adjustable compression and support for ankle joint and ligaments. Helps prevent ankle strain and reduces swelling and stiffness. Fits like an open-toe, open-heel sock.IndicationAnkle sprainAnkle instabilityWashing InstructionHand wash in cold water with mild s..


LP Elbow Support (M) (943)

₹330 ₹395

LP Elbow Support (M) (943)Helps support elbow joint, aids recovery of injured elbows and relieves arthritis pain. Recommended for tennis and golf elbow.Gives support and stability to the injured elbowProvides relief in pain and inflammationHelps support elbow joint, aids recovery of injured elbows and relieves arthritis pain. Recommended for tennis..


LP Knee Support (Ref 667) (Size, Medium)-Single

₹805 ₹895

LP 667 Knee Support (Size, Medium)Provides firm support to knee joint with gentle compression over the knee cap and shin. Helps recovery from knee injuries and relieves arthritis pain. Designed to conform naturally to the contours of the knee and shin area.Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended.CM UnitS27.9~33..


LP Knee Support With Stays 733CA

₹2,800 ₹2,995

LP Knee Support With Stays 733CA Product FeatureBilateral spiral stays provide extra support for the knee joint, and avoid extreme knee rotational motion.Hook and loop closure design with opposite fastening design for easy application, optimal fit, and extra stabilization.Open patella design with additional donut-shaped patella pad helps preve..


LP Open Patella Knee Support (Ref 758)

₹999 ₹1,235

LP Open Patella Knee Support (758)Weak kneeMild strain/sprainArthritisThe LP Open Patella Knee Support provides compression for weak or overstretched knees.The open patella design relieves pressure on the patella, and the unique Velcro design means this support fits almost all knee sizes with adjustable support.The LP Open Patella Knee Support is p..


LP Tennis Elbow Support (Ref 701)


LP Tennis Elbow Support Ref# 701The LP Tennis Elbow Support Ref#701 is ideal for tennis elbow as it provides comfortable compression for weak or over stressed elbows.The support ensures maximum heat retention and provides uniform pressure against the muscles and tendons. The adjustable hook and loop strap can apply additional compression ..


LP Wrist and Thumb Support (Ref 763)

₹915 ₹1,125

LP Tennis Elbow Support Ref #763The LP Wrist and Thumb Support includes an aluminium splint for partial immobilisation of the thumb, whilst allowing free movement of the fingers.The support helps to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and supports a weak or injured wrist. The adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a comfortable fit and stabilisat..

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